Growing Skyscrapers

How science fiction inspires the future of our cities Pt.2

Science fiction movies are especially potent sources of architectural images. As explored in our feature on arcologies, the genre continues to serve as a strong inspiration for designers across the globe. At the same time, science fiction provides architects or engineers with plenty of concepts and ideas beyond the obvious realm of striking visuals – ideas like the following examples.

One of science fiction’s more recent concepts and notions, at least in the literary realm, has been the idea that it can take too long to construct buildings from the usual metal, glass, and stone. When society demands flexibility, or urgent disaster relief, such construction often proves slow, tiresome, and too expensive. A radical solution requires novel building materials and construction concepts – like those suggested by SF visionaries.William Gibson, the seminal contemporary author and sci-fi legend who co-founded the cyberpunk movement, not only coined the term “cyberspace” in 1984, but also proved a prolific architectural visionary.