Dancers Among Us: Paying Homage to Urban Athletics

Jordan Matter spends most of his days hunting for the one elusive image that best captures a person’s essence and makes them look special. One of New York’s foremost portrait photographers, he has gained plenty of media coverage – and many models or actors rely on his skills to snare their next gig.

Swimming against the ubiquitous stream of impersonal, boring headshots, Matter reinvents the photographic calling card for performers, kids, and business people alike. Many of his works deliberately play off the shot’s background and surroundings; in this case one of the world’s greatest cities: New York.

“The city has a profound effect on every aspect of my work. I became a street photographer when I moved to the city, using my Pentax,” Jordan Matter explains. “Now that I have become a portrait photographer, I still love to incorporate the city into my work because of its beauty and energy. There is nothing else that compares.”