Filmscript für Werbevideo: Philips LED Island Sylt

There are places, where you want to stop time – breath deeply and drink in the life around you.

Sylt – island of tranquility and contemplation.

The largest of the Northern Frisian Islands has always been a place of retreat for passionate people.

The island is one of Germany’s most popular vacation destinations. Its northern beauty welcomes more than 800,000 visitors each year, drawing guests with the luxury of seclusion, its Frisian allure and breathtaking island flair.

Relaxing forays through the heath, hiking the tidal flats, walks on the beach, culinary highlights, or exquisite shopping experiences in the countless boutiques of the island …

Sylt is magical. It represents the union of sea, life and passion. Sylt – merging a unique way of life and exceptional nature. Sylt and light are simply made for each other.

Light provides comfort and lends a unique property to the moment. Sylt is moving towards a bright new future by introducing innovative LED lighting. Sylt is going to shine – sustainable, in style, and full of emotion.

The initiative LED Island, founded by Sylt Marketing Limited (GmbH) and the Sylt Tourism Service in cooperation with Philips, seeks to highlight the islands most beautiful facets, and raise energy efficiency to a new level.

Thanks to retrofitting, 30 percent of the annual energy consumption for lighting will be saved.

A reduction of 6.5 million kilowatt hours per year. Each business and household that participates helps the island to become more energy efficient.

This vision makes Sylt a beacon of aesthetic and sustainable lighting design.

The initiative develops cut to measure lighting concepts. For shops and businesses. For residents and visitors.

Innovation and sustainability do not necessitate sacrifice – instead, they help us create a viable and valuable future and a unique living environment.

LED Island Sylt – an initiative for a bright future!