Rolf Maria K.

Text for the website of Hamburg photographer Rolf Maria K.

Behind the Lens

„I am not a photography, but I do take pictures,“ says Rolf Maria K. about himself and clearly distinguishes between the profession and passion of photography. The person behind the lens, whose perceptive viewpoint allows for grand images such as these here is not a professional. He does not arrange, does not use models, and he does not work on commission for either the private or the corporate world. On the contrary, his sole purpose, when beginning a travel and taking these images, is to make available his passionate view of things and to allow others to participate in his perspective on the world as a whole.

„When I view the world through my camera, I become whole and feel fulfilled with and of myself,“ he says and refers not to an artistic vision or creative drive but rather to that simple and heartfelt emotion of happiness in and of oneself. Rolf Maria K. is a traveller, an on-looker, not an acting agent with a mission. And he is especially not a self-proclaimed artist.

For 30 years of his professional life he has been employed by a large German corporation, for which he has been working almost 15 years in foreign countries as a liaison. He has lived and breathed Asian, African and Middle Eastern life, has learned so much about diverse cultures – directly, personally and intensively. He is no tourist to these parts of the world, no visitor for a fortnight, no passer-through. When he travels, he becomes part of the rich tapestry of the country, a piece in the mosaic of the culture. He engages the people, becomes friend or neighbor. He is an old acquaintance returning from long travels and sharing their life for a little while – and thus being able to share it with us, too.

The journey is the means by which we encounter another culture and country and through which we establish contact. The photographic image is at the center of our longing to understand the foreign, to learn about the other. It is the blink of an eye, in which complete freedom and eternal capture rest at the same time, as contradictory both aspects may seem. The image represents a moment on our journey, remembrance of a situation that has produced it. Life can be found, and the eternal difference between ordinary and exceptional located, in the smallest detail, in the minute difference of angle and the exact moment in time. The right moment, when a monk rising from his early morning prayer invests the stone-gray surrounding of the temple with his vividly colorful robe. The exact point of view, when the sun envelopes children on a swing at just the right angle to reveal strong energy in motion as their forms contrast with the light in silhouette.

These images are personal moments, each of them representing unique experiences and situations on Rolf Maria K.’s journeys. But their uniqueness is inspiring – in them is a spirit, which goes beyond their relative moment, beyond personal memory. We might not have been there, might not have lived that moment, but we are touched by the images nonetheless, are transported into that moment. They exude emotion and inspire thought. In them we see an impression of life itself. They offer a different view, a different image of the world – a mirror of life.

Style Concept

Rolf Maria K. has collected these images in order to let their emotional depth inspire you. This website presents the diverse moments and manifold impressions of his journeys and allows you to find a personal and unique connection with them. Under the heading of „Style Concept“ you can thus find a gallery with inspirational material as to how and where the images might best fit into your home or work place, should you so desire. All images presented here are available to purchase individually and the „Style Concept“-gallery is a guide or aide in finding a perfect spot for the images. These unique ‚mirrors of life‘ might be integrated into private or corporate surroundings in order to subtly change the rooms atmosphere, to inspire certain emotions, or to simply express a personal message that you connect with it. The gallery here includes mere suggestions or examples of how these tasks might be accomplished. The images‘ presence positively alters their surroundings.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rolf Maria K. (, should you desire to purchase any of the images. He will help you with your individual needs and wishes. All of the chosen images will be printed according to the highest standards of professional photo laboratories. You will receive a lambda-developed high grade print of the image, transferred to an aluminum base plate. If deemed necessary an acrylic vitrification will be added to insure specific effects of color or depth in the image. The image will keep its brilliance and definition for decades as highest quality materials and procedures secure its lasting perfection.