When the universe came into existence, it created sounds that are still audible to us today. These are the sounds of entire worlds springing into being, of galaxies forming and star systems evolving. A universe of inspiration, an endless ocean of possibilities that writers, artists, filmmakers and musicians have used to tap into, a vast resource of creative energy.

One such musician is Christian Fiesel, also known as FZKWolf, born and raised in northern Germany’s Hamburg, who has been floating in the musical spheres of the universe since his school days in the early 1980s. At first very much down to earth with garage rock bands, he soon stumbled onto Kraftwerk, these strangers in the strange land of Krautrock, the masters of electronic world building. Inspired by their otherworldly harmonies, Fiesel delved into Science Fiction films like Alienor Blade Runnerand developed his uncanny ability to create soundscapes – his aim to musically conjure up dark, unnamed worlds, to fill the void of space with atmospheric sounds, to breathe chords of life.

For a couple of years he tried to balance commercial interests and experimental creativity by co-ownership of the Hamburg based State Department Productions and Studio Hammer Deich. He helped produce more than 20 CDs of various projects, from Industrial to Dance, from Rock to Pop, but none ever filled his passion as much as his soundscapes did. When the company was sold in 1999 he retreated to the countryside, taking only his musical inspirations and some equipment.FZKWolf was born and ever since Fiesel has been hard at work to offer up soundscapes of dark, droning sublimity. His trademark Dark Ambient music leaves the listener drifting in space, no rhythms to hold on, experience the full impact of the music. Other times then his sample, gathered from all kinds of sources, musical, medial, natural or industrial, generate rhythms, become more accessible and lighter, but they always retain that universal quality, that moment of pure science fictional outlook. They always remain soundscapes of worlds to be discovered.